Hello. I’ve missed you.

5 Dec

Where has the time gone?

In my first post back, let’s get to know each other again?

I do PR. My favorite color is purple. I used to have blue hair–frequently, I miss it. You can get to know me even better by following my Twitter, @SillyCristina.


  • 13th: Took the day off from work to…graduate college.
  • 14-17th: Back to work!
  • 18th: After months of behind-the-scenes PR prep, the World Naked Bike Ride took place. (A big thanks to then-client and event sponsor Bridgeport Brewery.) The event doubled as my going away party at R/West.
  • 19th-22nd: Moved out of Sherwood, Ore. and back in with my parents in Salem, Ore., briefly.
  • 25th: GRAD PARTY!!!!!!
  • 26th-28th: Packed and…
  • 29th: hopped on a one-way flight to California with two suitcases, one full of shoes.
  • 30th: Met up with Joel and Mike for my first happy hour(s) in San Francisco!!! Pt. A –> Pt. B


  • 4th: I was living in San Jose with my cousin (notice I didn’t call you my aunt, Kathleen) who took me in as one of her own and served me sweet lemonade at a family BBQ.
  • 5th: First day at my new internship at Knock Twice (K2x). The rest is history…I am now an employee!
  • 6th-?: I drove my cousin’s Prius until I wrecked it. Then I took the train everyday to work. Both modes took about 2.5 hours each way–it was a fair trade, car-dancing for sitting-up sleeping.

Traveling 5 hours per day took its toll on me…August, September and October are a bit of a blur. At some point I traveled to San Diego for BlogHer and Las Vegas for MAGIC, courtesy of K2x.


  • 1st: San Francisco!!!!!!!!!!!! (Moved.)
  • 4th: Oregon.
  • 9th: Los Angeles for a private “Hollywood Meets Silicon Valley” party.
  • 18th: Foot surgery.
  • 23rd: Back to Oregon.
  • 30th: Whew!


  • 5th: Hello. I’ve missed you.



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