Before I begin, note that I consider myself a “140” sort of girl. Although I read blogs–see my blog roll–and have had internship experience with WordPress, I do not consider myself a blogger. I’ll admit, jumping from Twitter’s 140-characters and brief Facebook statuses all the way to professional blogging sounds like jumping in a cold swimming pool.

However, as a senior public relations major and communications minor, I know the growing importance of blogging. So throw me in, baby!

Yes, there is a streak of blue in my hair.

I’m Cristina–formerly Christina. I legally changed my name to reflect my Spanish heritage. I love public relations and social media. I particularly appreciate old school press releases; my friends joke that my husband-to-be ought to propose to me in one. I am also a grammar freak. I’m the girl that volunteers to edit her friends’ essays–no Starbucks-payment necessary. (Typos are a pet peeve of mine!) My passion lies in fast-paced industries: music, fashion, tech. And although I have been caught in the recording studio myself, I prefer behind the scenes work. My dream job would combine PR and my passion.

We’ll see how this blog evolves… But I plan on writing in a casual tone, about professional (or at least semi-professional) “stuff.”

Jump in with me! Cristina.

Wanna reach out further?



Visual CV

or email cristinadunning [at] gmail [dot] com.


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