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I left my heart in San Francisco…

5 Jun

…not really, it just seemed like a catchy post title.

I’m moving to San Francisco in a matter of WEEKS–date T.B.D., but tentatively June 26. I’m excited, nervous and realizing what a bitter/sweet time this is. I have friends and family I’ll miss, but like any PR person, I know I’ll make more (“make more” NOT “replace”). There are favorite restaurants I’ll look forward to dining at when I come back to visit (e.g. Portland City Grill), but SF has some of the best cuisine in the world, so I won’t complain. And then there’s the hipsters, which… Oh wait. I won’t miss.

Portlandia is an odd town. It’s been fun for a short while, but it’s not for me. The first time I visited San Francisco however, I knew I wanted to live there. Mom thought I was just dreaming big like young kids do… And now, we’re coming to terms together that this is my dream and dreams do come true–with your own hard work and dedication.

I am however moving jobless.

I went there this past weekend and had four interviews, all which went well and encouraged the move, reassuring I’ll have a job within weeks. When I go back and move, I’ll have at least three other interviews lined up. Know that I’m determined to make my move and life successful and stay tuned!

Goodbye Portland, hello San Francisco…

635+ miles...

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